We are the perfect partner for projects of any size.

It is a challenge for producers to organize manufacturing structure and engineering processes in a way to ensure that small and big lot sizes can be produced smoothly. We are steadily working to handle orders of every dimension to the customer’s utmost satisfaction. Due to our long experience we can safely say: We know exactly what is needed.

An efficient partner for major projects

Major organizations set other priorities for purchasing office furniture than middle-sized or small companies. Large customers demand well-engineered series furniture – easy to install, flexibly adaptable and easily expandable. We do our utmost to take into account this systems idea in all our programmes; this simplifies future reorganization and relocation. We also feel it is important that additional deliveries at a later stage are easily feasible. Long product life cycles and a high product quality are a guarantee for this. You can rely on our know-how for planning and execution of your project. We are in a position to assist our customers and specialist dealers in the field of spatial planning when the project is started. Guidelines and specifications are thus complied with, subjects such as lighting and room acoustics are considered. Time schedules for large projects usually being tight, it becomes even more important to stick to delivery schedules. We strive to assemble any piece of furniture at the right time at the right place.

Adaptable for smaller projects

Middle-sized and small companies, agencies, medical practices and solicitor’s offices are in most cases run by owners whose aim is to realize their philosophy with regard to office furniture. Therefore, they put more emphasis on details and processing than other organizations. They are eager to ensure that the supplied furniture perfectly matches their individual requirements. In most cases our standard systems solutions fulfil this requirement. Minor modifications of our standard systems solutions, however, are no problem for us, because of our qualified in-house staff who can realize any wish due to their experience and manual skills. We hold such a strong know-how lead in the supply of individually designed furniture that we were able to fulfil individual ideas, which we couldn’t illustrate with our furniture systems in the beginning. This gave rise to attractive objects giving us impulses for innovation.

Design quality is important for us.

We cannot prove that our products are more aesthetic and better designed than others. This depends on the individual’s subjective evaluation. We can, however, give evidence of our awareness of innovative product design, which has been the core value of our company policy for more than 30 years. We are proud of the distinctions and prizes awarded to our company throughout the years. We are still more pleased, though, that our cooperation with well-known design offices has given rise to products which successfully stay on the market for a very long time.

Why we are the right partner for you.

Our specialist dealers – competent and in partnership

Specialist dealers sell our products in local markets. Our coope-
ration partners have excellent consultation skills combined with a lot of expertise in planning. They are in close contact with customers and take care of their individual needs. They select their range of pro-ducts carefully so that our products can be combined with other high-quality merchandise to obtain all-embracing spatial concepts. Numerous business relationships with our specialist dealers have been established many years ago. We know their competence and reliability. We trust in them and you can completely rely on them as well. Ask us for dealers in your region.

Our furniture – well-designed and long lasting

Our furniture features individual design and high-quality processing. In each development phase its functionality and user friendliness is checked. Our products are easy to install and can be modified and extended at any time. They meet the existing technical norms and statutory provisions applicable for the interior design of workplaces. We provide a five-year warranty for the products that we manufacture. Besides that we guarantee an extra-long repeat order capability, because a long product life cycle is a key feature of our company strategy. A product of the brands gumpo or idea will accompany your company’s expansion and changes for years.

Our responsibility for the environment – from development to delivery

Instead of unnecessary packaging we use packaging covers, which are reused for the next delivery. We carefully plan delivery routes and make most efficient use of loading areas, because our products do not require much transport space. We have not only installed photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our assembly halls with an annual output of 400.000 kWh of solar electricity, but we have actively promoted and lived maximum sustainability in our daily working life for a long time: We produce and sell long lasting quality products, whereby the reasonable use of materials and resources is already considered in the design and development phase.

Our advisory skills and the skills of our partners – qualified and individual

Space planning requires a profound know-how, because solely taking account various factors creates an ideal work environment; only optimum consultation and planning make office furniture perfect. Our consultants and partners at site try to understand your company, your philosophy and your organization processes. They won’t simply offer you products, but they will contribute their expertise. Their knowledge about the effects of lights and colours, about the installation of lighting and colour concepts; their knowledge of the special field of room acoustics for avoiding acoustic interference; the influence of ergonomic workplaces on health and well-being of employees or the influence of pot plants on room climate. Safe escape routes and minimum surface requirements must be borne in mind as well. You see: Spatial planning requires know-how, spatial planning must be done by experts.

Our manufacturing department and our service – fast and reliable

We seek to shorten processing and reaction times to a minimum. We therefore support simple, clear structures and attach importance to a competent and reliable team. Modern machinery equipment and sophisticated warehousing enable us to manufacture various orders within short notice. Experienced factory drivers and our own vehicle fleet ensure that the furniture consignments arrive undamaged and punctually at their destinations. We remain at your disposal – before and after ordering. And when there happens to be a problem, we will resolve it – working together as partners.