A new generation of furniture: Normcore                                     

gumpo is launching a new collection. Normcore has been created in collaboration with the Munich-based design studio Relvãokellermann and contains furniture with a clear and distinct design language that blends into its environment.

It is certainly more than suitable for the modern office. However, what is more important: This furniture does not dominate its location. It is laid-back, reduced – and fits simply in our time.

An accelerated world of work demands simple solutions.
Solutions that can be combined perfectly together. Like our collection.

steno, a motorised Sit-to-Stand desk,
temp, a folding and rollable high table,
dito, a modular conference table,
pleto, a reduced trolley,
diptic, a wonderful screen wall,
backdrop, a partitioning system for focused work,
saia, a table for standing meetings, and
• the simple gumpo Flipchart